My Poet Friend, 29.12.17

Words fall into a fitful sleep on her tongue, Page and binding lay empty and open on her lap, She pries her mouth open with pliers (and as much grace as she can spare): This is her modus operandi. Pinning down words is like pinning down butterflies. Evasive and free, they are wild beauties, avoiding … Continue reading My Poet Friend, 29.12.17


Reflections, 29.10.17

I lived in a stone house, half-dipped in yellow painted concrete, 10 Mulberry Court, Edenville, Kiambu County, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, Eastern Hemisphere. You could call it “Eastern”, I suppose, because, yes, if you drive downtown you’ll find slender skyscrapers, funny little dukas, patched into a cityscape backdrop; if you walk down Kiambu road or catch … Continue reading Reflections, 29.10.17

The Room

They walk up the old, dusty stairs in the dim lamplight that filters in from the hushed and modest common room below. Downstairs, the innkeeper’s wife is drying wine glasses and placing them in the antique cabinet beside the window. The old man, upon reaching the upper room, sets down his one suitcase, which is … Continue reading The Room